Alloro Ristorante, Crowne Plaza Bengaluru, Bengaluru, India


Alloro is an Italian specialty restaurant. The aesthetic identity of the restaurant is reminiscent of an Italian ‘Living Room'; a warm and refined space with dramatic marble flooring and counters and dark wooden paneling. A four metre high perforated screen featuring a combination of patterns, forms the entrance and also travels into the restaurant, carving out a private dining area within.

An aperitivo lounge with an antipasti counter forms the heart of the restaurant. The main dining and private dining areas flank this space. 

Location: Crowne Plaza, Bengaluru, India
Design Team: Bhavana Kumar, Nicola La Noce
Area: 3500 sq.ft
Client: Crowne Plaza, Bengaluru
Status: Built
Year: 2015
Photographs: Kumar La Noce