A Thousand Words, Bangalore Literature Festival, Bengaluru, India


The installation looks at passages of text
(comprising a thousand words each) from a
curated selection of literary pieces as works of art.

The passages are then deconstructed into individual words and set free, allowing visitors to create their own fragments of text, sometimes unexpected/surprising, sometimes abstract and sometimes poetic, which forms the animated facade of our installation.

A series of tight ‘rooms’ house these works of art, shaded by a tree with bountiful fruit, creating a surreal micro-environment. Small cuts in the ‘house’ frame the bustle and green outside while allowing curious visitors a peek into this blue gallery.

Location: Bangalore, India
Design Team : Bhavana Kumar, Nicola La Noce, Nitya Kumar
Site Area: Variable
Client: Bangalore Literature Festival
Status: Built/ Dismantled
Year : 2014                                                       Photographs: Kumar La Noce